Teaching Staff

GCHS is staffed with qualified teachers representing a variety of subject areas and backgrounds. Teaching staff have worked in the school from anywhere between one and almost thirty years! Click on a teacher’s name for more information.

Our current teaching staff for Semester One of the 2017-2018 school year includes:


Teacher Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4
Mr. G. Arsenault TCJ3C Prep Period TCJ2O TCJ4C
Mr. A. Carr Special Education Special Education Special Education Prep Period
Mrs. H. Cloutier CHC2P CHW3M Prep Period ENG2P
Mrs. C. Enders Student Success Student Success Prep Period Student Success
Ms. S. Fortier MHF4U MFM1P Prep Period MEL3E
Mr. E. Gardiner Prep Period ENG1L/2L FSF1P GLC2O
Mr. T. Griffin SNC2D SNC2P SPH3U/4C Prep Period
Mr. R. Haslam ALC1O TGV3M TGV4M/IDC4O Prep Period
Mrs. S. Humphreys Guidance Guidance Guidance Prep Period
Mr. Johnson       CGC1D
Mr. J. Lickers SBI3U SCH4C Prep Period SCH4U
Mr. S. MacIver TTJ4C TTJ3C TTJ2O Prep Period
Ms. A. Maydell Board Communication Prep Period HSP3C CHV2O
Mr. A. McFarlane CGG3O Prep Period Co-Op CGC1D
Ms. T. Saloranta PPL3O PAD4O Prep Period SNC1P/1L
Mr. Skean Prep Period ENG1P NBE3C
Mrs. J. Tucker MAT2L MPM1D Prep Period MCR3U
Mr. S. Wilson ALC1O ENG2D Prep Period AVI3O