Support Staff

GCHS has a number of support staff who work to help keep our school functioning effectively. These fine folks include:

Office Staff
Mrs. K. Fournier School Secretary
Mrs. P. Davis Guidance Secretary
Mrs. D. Leuenberger Attendance Counselor
Library and Information Technology
Ms. F. Koning Librarian
Mr. D. Zabienski Information Technology Technician
Custodial & Plant Support Staff
Mr. L. Carlson School Custodian
Mr. C. Fournier School Custodian
Mr. J. Koger School Custodian
Mrs. E. O’Quinn School Custodian
Ms. M. Timmermans School Custodian
  Maintenance Working Foreman D. Franceschini
Educational Assistants
Ms. K. Jones Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Groom Educational Assistant
Mrs. R. Schallock Educational Assistant
Mrs. K. Koroscil Educational Assistant
Ms. S. Carlson Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Macgregor Educational Assistant
Cafeteria Staff
Mrs. S. Koger Cafeteria Operator
Mr. B. Marszowksi Cafeteria Assistant