School Within A College (SWAC) Program

The School Within A College (SWAC) program is a partnership between Geraldton Composite High School, the Superior-Greenstone District School Board, and Confederation College. Their motto:

It’s never too late to graduate!


Enrollment Information:


  • Did not complete high school?
  • Would like to complete secondary school and obtain a diploma?
  • Would like to learn more about the college environment and get a career head start?
  • Would like to learn skills that can be used throughout your life?
  • Would like to explore your career opportunities?
  • Would you like to learn in an adult environment?

If you answered “yes” to any of these
questions, you should consider enrolling in the SWAC Program. Contact your local high school or Confederation College to enroll.

Who Is It For?
To be eligible for the SWAC program, students must be working toward an
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Applicants must be at least 17 years of age.

What It’s All About:
Students can take SWAC courses with an opportunity to earn credits that count
toward both a secondary school and college diploma or certificate.  SWAC courses let students “experience” college courses on a college campus, while achieving credits
towards a high school diploma.

The program provides:

  • Tuition and Student Fees
  • College Student ID Cards
  • Access to all college facilities & services
  • Tutoring and Counseling Services
  • Computer access and e-mail accounts
  • Access to our student lounge

What Are The Benefits Of SWAC?
SWAC courses engage students in exposure to college programs, setting and culture, and
support a smooth transition from secondary to post-secondary education. Students are
provided additional choices in course selection. Evidence has shown that success in dual credit programs has provided greater likelihood of graduation success!

Winter 2021 College-Level Courses:
The SWAC program will be offered each semester. Students may take up to 2 college courses in a semester, but only a maximum of 4 towards their diploma. Students must pass the college course to get a high school credit. Students will need to take the college courses via Contact North unless they attend at the campus in Geraldton.

This transformative course will provide you with the practical skills, knowledge and attitudes you need for success in college, your career and your life. In order to maximize your post-secondary experience, you will learn about your personal learning style, how to study effectively, how to take notes, how to manage your time, the importance of effective communication and much more.
Schedule: TBA 
Location: Geraldton Campus or via Contact North

The physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and
spiritual dimensions of health are the focus of this course. You will be provided with current factual
information about a broad range of health-related issues including stress, substance abuse, sexuality, fitness, weight management, environmental concerns, and death and dying. As well, you will be actively
involved in examining the impact of lifestyle choices upon your own health status.
Schedule: TBA
Location: Geraldton Campus or via Contact North

We are living in a society in which we are continually bombarded with information from a variety of popular media: popular music, television, films, magazines, books, and the Internet. The messages we receive are often very subtle, yet powerful and can shape the way we think, feel and behave both collectively and individually. In this course, you will explore the ways in which you are socialized and how your self-concepts develop. You will also use a variety of strategies to critically analyze the impact of the popular media on Canadian society and on your personal sense of who you are.
Schedule: TBA
Location: Geraldton Campus or via Contact North

Students can take up to 2 college courses per semester, but may only take 4 college delivered credits towards their OSSD.

They will attend college taking Post Secondary and Secondary School Credits.  The focus of the Secondary School Credits will be on compulsory subjects they require to graduate.

There is also an opportunity to obtain co-op credits if they are employed while attending school.

Contact GCHS Student Services or the Confederation College Greenstone Campus