Saddle Club

NWF High School Saddle Club is a recreational horseback riding group comprised of high school students from GCHS.

The goals of our club are to promote a positive self-image, foster teamwork and new friendships, and develop recreational skills in an area of wholesome, healthy and active living.

The club follows a nationally certified progressive riding program, which is designed to teach students safety on and around the horses; physical activity and healthy living; respect, teamwork, empathy for others (human and equine), communication skills, and of course horsemanship and riding. Skills follow a natural progression from beginner/novice to competency for recreation, and competition. Benefits to participants include an increase in self-confidence, acceptance of individualism, discipline, patience, development of a solid work ethic, and cooperation. We build horsemanship skills from the ground up with an emphasis on safety and fun, culminating in group trail rides and small local competition.

Students direct the club activities, with the supervision of a teacher/riding coach. Other projects include pizza parties, movies, shopping and fieldtrips to Thunder Bay stables and horse events. It’s all about fun and healthy activities!