SP100 Forest FireFighter Training Schedule – October

GCHS is proud to partner with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s Aviation and Forest Fire Management branch to offer SP100 forest firefighter training to eligible students in the Specialist High-Skills Major program.

Here is the October 2017 training schedule. Students in the program are reminded that attendance is critical in order to be successful in the program.


Any students or parents with questions can contact Mr. Haslam, who is leading the program.

Important Upcoming Dates

Mrs. Humphreys has put together a calendar of upcoming events. Some of these dates are very important for potential graduates. 


Monday Sept.18 –9:30


Lakehead University presentation- gr. 11 & 12

Sign up at student services



Wednesday Sept. 27– 2 to 3:15

Aboriginal Post Secondary Information Program

-schedule to be determined



Thursday Sept. 28 – 2to 3

College Information Session

-schedule to be determined



Thursday Oct. 5– 9:30 to 10:30

University Information Program- gr. 12 students-

Bussing to be determined based on interest- sign up list posted

NipRock High school


Friday Oct. 13 -11-2:30- 3:15

Laurentian University- gr. 11 & 12- sign up list will be posted



Tuesday Nov. 7- 9:00

Sault College- gr. 11 & 12- sign up list will be posted



Tuesday Nov.7- 9:00 to 4:00

Career Fair-

Schedule to be determined



Tuesday Nov. 14- ?

University On-line application session- sign up list will be posted

Computer lab


Tuesday Nov. 21- ?

College On-line application session- sign up list will be posted

Computer lab

Mrs. Humphreys will be meeting with each potential grad to answer questions and to ensure each student has the requirements to graduate.

Students who have signed up for the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program will also need to meet with Mrs. Humphreys to discuss program requirements.

Scholarship/award information will be posted and announced as soon as possible. There is a binder and postings in Student Services which will be available for students to see.

The local scholarship booklets will not be available until the new year.

Any students or parents with questions can call or email Mrs. Humphreys

Superior-Greenstone District School Board Student Art Calendar

Students, Parents/Guardians, and Staff:

Check out the 2017-2018 Superior-Greenstone DSB Student Art Calendar! This year’s calendar cover features art by Myshalla Grant and inside you will see art from elementary and secondary students from across the district. GCHS is also represented by Valerie Carr.

Click on the image above or visit http://www.sgdsb.on.ca/upload/documents/2017-2018-superior-greenstone-dsb-art-ca002.pdf  to download a copy of the calendar.