Semester One Exam Information

Semester One Exam Information

As students return to school after the Christmas Break, it’s important for them to start planning for exams and course culminating activities. This is especially true for Grade 9 students who may not have written an exam before. Here’s the exam schedule:


Friday, January 26: Period 1 Exams
Monday, January 29: Period 2 Exams
Tuesday, January 30: Period 3 Exams
Wednesday, January 31: Period 4 Exams
Thursday, February 1: Emergency Exam Day

Some classes do not have exams. Instead, teachers may schedule an end-of-semester culminating assignment. It is very important for students to speak with their teachers about course assessments. It’s also extremely important that students speak to their teachers about missing assignments.

Finally, textbooks for Semester One courses can be returned to the library during the last week of classes or exam week. 


Forum For Young Canadians

The Forum For Young Canadians is Canada’s premier civics education program from youth aged 15-19. The Forum brings over 100 students per week to Ottawa for a week of academic adventures focused on national and public affairs. Participants get to meet with Members of Parliament, Senators, and other decision-makers who will impact students’ daily lives. 

Check out the information posted below. It would be great to have GCHS represented!

Download (PDF, 27KB)