Geraldton Composite High School serves the Municipality of Greenstone, several First Nations communities, and students from beyond through programs like e-Learning. We are a small school with just about 200 students who come in from areas that are over an hour away by bus!

Geraldton’s first high school was built in 1937 as an addition to the area’s first public school.

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Original 1930s Geraldton school building. Source: Geraldton 75th Anniversary Facebook Group

The current building was constructed in 1958, with several additions, renovations, and changes made over the years – the most notable being the addition of the B.A. Parker elementary school to the building in 2012 following a period of lower enrollment in both the high school and elementary school. In the summer of 2020, GCHS is developing a student lounge and enhancement to our cafeteria area, as well as adding another video conference room in addition to upgrades to our ventilation system for our Cultural room and upgrades to our field and parking lots around the facility.

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GCHS Staff and Students, 2011

Check out this video about our school: