Baseball Tournament 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019, was a monumental day for GCHS.  We hosted our first baseball tournament with Migizi Miigwanan Secondary School.

This is how baseball came to be at GCHS this year:

Rylend P. is doing a Coop program with our CYW, Miss Jones, and accepted the challenge to spearhead a Peer Student Support Team. This project would include student engagement initiatives and working with students for students. In brainstorming with the PSSTeam, they came up with several ideas and presented them to the school community.  Rylend works quietly in the background, keeping everything organized and on track.  Jorden S. pitched ideas to the students and baseball was by far the most popular choice with about 70 students on the signup sheet!  Rylend and Jorden worked like a fine oiled machine and powered through the tasks set before them.  They coordinated the list, organizing, strategizing, setting up teams and creating schedules again and again. Jorden, who is a real go getter, put together the tournament, reaching out to the other schools and working collaboratively with Administration to ensure all things were in place.  Huge kudos to these two for covering all our bases, taking the time and energy to ensure the teams were balanced and well rounded, and being inclusive to all the students from all our communities. 

All our students pulled together and were a stellar example of teamwork at its finest.  Many showed up to practice and everyone played hard!

None of this would have been possible without the support of many people and agencies.  This is the first time in many decades that there have been baseball teams at GCHS.  Our board supported this venture in providing equipment to get it started.  Thank you to the teachers and our principal, Mr. Porretta, who were supportive of letting students out of class early to play, as well as Aroland First Nation for accommodating later departure time for bussing so all students could participate.

We cannot forget Mr. Mannette and the custodians for all their hard work and support, providing the barbecue, transporting and lighting it, helping with bleachers, trash cans, and so much more. Thank you to Sylvie Kroger for ordering food, to Mr. Vanden Broek for donating Pow Wow leftover water and juice, and the Phys Ed Dept for the use of First Aid Kits. Much gratitude to the Thunderbird Friendship Centre for use of their tents. The support of Erica C., JHS, and Chelsea H., YSW AFN for help in providing more equipment and helping to coach, Jade F. and Bernadine O. for helping barbecue and ensuring everyone got something to eat. Last but not least, we want to thank our school board for supporting this venture and providing equipment.

This event was a fun filled day with much enthusiasm and comradery. It was a a terrific display of sportsmanship, full of building relationships and creating friendships.  We were honoured to have Ms. Claire O’Nabigon, Director of Education for the Migizi Miigwanan school, as a spectator of our tournament as well as an elder from the community!  Thanks also to Principal Tom Rivers and Kristin Clark as the coach and photographer and their students for wanting to be a part of our tournament and to Mr. Rivers for umpiring for the afternoon.

We rounded off our school year with this tournament which we knocked out of the park! See you all back on the field in September!

Thank you and Meegwetch

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