A Round of Applause

GCHS would like to take this moment to share a big round of “thank yous” regarding yesterday’s Pow Wow:

THANK YOU to all the schools and community participants for coming out and making the day so incredibly special.

THANK YOU to all the community partners who came with booths, information, prizes, and smiles to share your knowledge and expertise with everyone.

THANK YOU to all our sponsors who donated time, money, materials, food, and more. Everyone left the arena full, happy, and satisfied because of your help.

THANK YOU to all the volunteers to helped plan, prepare, set-up, run, take-down, and clean-up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the Pow Wow.

THANK YOU to the SGDSB for believing in the dream and helping us make it a reality.

THANK YOU to everyone else who was involved in any other aspect — it takes a community.

And the BIGGEST THANK YOU to Mr. Vanden Broek!! We are so proud of your accomplishment and cannot thank you enough for the months of hard work, dedication, and love you put into this event.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the event and that you are already marking out a place in your calendars for 2020!

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