Student Trustee Elections

Are you a student entering grade 11 or 12 next year who wants to make a difference? Then the role of student trustee with SGDSB may be for you!

The student trustee works with other Student Trustees to represent the voices of all of the students in the board. They attend public meetings, participate in discussions on current business with the Board, provide reports and make recommendations, organize and chair the Student Senate, represent and communicate student matters and interests to the Board, and communicate to students on matters from the Board.

Each term is 2 years. To be eligible, you must be a FULL-TIME student in senior division (Gr. 11/12), be supported by the Student Government (ie. Student Council), and maintain at least passing grades in all courses.

Elections take place WEDNESDAY MARCH 6, 2019. All candidates must make a presentation/campaign speech to the Student Senators via Google Hangout.

If you are interested, please speak to Mr. Porretta or Logan Furoy.

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