Support Moosecalac – PJ Day on February 10!

As most of you are aware, the Moosecalac Winter Carnival is held annually on the Family Day Weekend in Longlac. It serves as a fund raiser for sick children and youth activities within the Municipality of Greenstone. The current fund raising format started in 2005 and since then we have raised over $275,000, all of which has been returned to the people of Greenstone and our neighbouring First Nations. 
As part of the event, the Annual Moosecalac PJ Day will be held on Friday, February 10. The purpose of Moosecalac PJ Day is to remind us that there are many people (young and old) who spend days, weeks, months, and years in hospital as they and their families face incredible challenges.
Please consider bringing some spare change on Friday, February 10 to donate to this amazing local cause – and wear your pyjamas, too!
More information on Moosecalac can be found at their website.

One thought on “Support Moosecalac – PJ Day on February 10!

  1. I’m going to forward this post and ask the staff at NOSP to participate. A big shout out to Tim and the Moosecalac Committee for all your hard work and the wonderful support you provide to the children and youth with ‘special circumstances’ in Greenstone. You guys are amazing and I’m looking forward to a great Family Day weekend in Longlac!
    Margie Rondeau

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