Mr. Peter Shebagabow Joins GCHS Staff as Native Languages Teacher

Geraldton Composite High School warmly welcomes Mr. Peter Shebagabow, who will be teaching the Grade 9 Native Languages class for the second semester.

Mr. Shebagabow, a band councilor from Long Lake 58 First Nation, has previously taught Native Languages at the elementary level in Geraldton, Longlac, and in the Long Lake 58 First Nation community.

We are excited to have Mr. Shebagabow on staff and wish him a great semester.

One thought on “Mr. Peter Shebagabow Joins GCHS Staff as Native Languages Teacher

  1. Mr. Shebagabow wishing you all the best this semester. My daughter Lea Mask teaches in Longlac about a half hour from Geraldton. It is hard for our family to have her so far from home, it is however a contract job, which we accept. Hopefully you are not too far from family and friends….wishing you all the best and if you see my daughter, please give her a hug from me Deborah Mask…her mom and let her know how much we miss her, Sophie and Steve!!

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