Mr. McFarlane & Mr. Carr Take An Icy Plunge For School Sports

While Greenstone residents might be commenting on the relatively mild start to Winter, GCHS’s Mr. McFarlane and Mr. Carr might beg to differ. The two coaches of the GCHS Varsity Girl’s Volleyball Team took to Kenogamisis Lake in Geraldton on Saturday, November 28 for a Polar Dip to end a team fundraising drive.


“This was a stupid idea.”

A crowd of supporters gathered at Second Bridge to cheer on the two coaches. Both Mr. McFarlane and Mr. Carr donned shorts, though the weather was far from ideal shorts weather, as evidenced by ice on the surface of the lake everywhere but for under the bridge.


A huge thanks goes out to the two GCHS teachers for their commitment to school sports and their team. Also, thank you to everyone who donated to the cause. Your support is appreciated, (as was Mr. Carr’s sauna when all was said and done.)

You can see the full album of the Polar Dip on the GCHS Facebook Page.


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