Guiness World Record Holder Lucas Wilson Performs at GCHS

Illusionist Lucas Wilson performed for area students today in the GCHS gym. Wilson took to the stage to speak with students about the importance of entrepreneurship, setting goals, and working to achieve dreams. Wilson explained how he found success by following his childhood dreams to be a magician. The performer, previously seen on “Canada’s Got Talent” and “Dragon’s Den”, impressed the audience with his speech, but especially his illusions, including the destruction and reassembly of a newspaper and a levitating table.

IMG_8653 IMG_8656 IMG_8651

The performance was sponsored by GEDC – The Greenstone Economic Development Corporation and their small business program.

The performance ended with Wilson’s trademark move: the record-setting escape from two straight-jackets. Check out the video below:

Many thanks to GEDC and Lucas Wilson for the great show! You can follow Lucas on Instagram:

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