#GCHSInIceland – GCHS Staff and Students Visit Iceland

“This is what it’s all about” is something Mr. Griffin repeated numerous times as he, Mr. McFarlane, chaperones and students on the GCHS Iceland Trip met up with staff and students of Rimaskoli School in Reykjavik, Iceland. Mr. McFarlane noted, during a tour of the country, “how can we top this? Today I taught more “geo” than I can in a month in a classroom.”


Icelandic Students learn the awesomeness of Outers

Mountains and Ocean surround Iceland

Mountains and Ocean surround Iceland

The visit includes tours of the country, a day spent at a local school, and a hockey game with Icelandic students. Check out the gallery of pictures on the Photos Page and check in as the group checks in on the GCHS Connects With Reykjavik Facebook Page or follow #GCHSInIceland on Twitter.

Can’t wait to hear the stories from students upon their return!