Community Event – Wild America Wildlife Show in Geraldton!

Attention GCHS Staff and Students:

Winter blues and mid-week boredom got you down? Check out this FREE COMMUNITY EVENT happening in Geraldton this Thursday, March 26!


GERALDTON – ‘Wild America’s’ is coming to you!

Be amazed and learn about some of the coolest animals from Argentina to the Canadian Arctic this Thursday, March 26th. Come face to face with owls, hawks, eagles, a peregrine falcon and more during incredible bird of prey demonstrations presented by The Canadian Raptor Conservancy. Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and The Backyard Conservation Fund of Canada will be on hand with alligators, boa constrictors, rat snakes, tarantulas, turtles, iguanas, and an amazing young bobcat.

There will be 2 alternating 30 minute formal presentations, one by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy and the other by Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo. These fun, highly educational, incredible programs will alternate 15 minutes apart. On top of the shows there will be staff with animals out for you and your families to interact with and ask questions.

We are very glad we are able to arrange a stop in Geraldton on our way through Ontario. Come and meet the fastest animal in the world and many many many other incredible species.

Bring your camera (no flash photography please), your enthusiasm and enjoy!!!


Date – Thursday, March 27th

Location – Geraldton Community Centre Lobby (The Geraldton Complex Lobby)

Time – General Admission from 3:30 to 8:15 pm

Wild America’s Show – 3:45/5:15/6:45

Bird of Prey Show Times – 4:30/6:00/7:30

Cost: This is a FREE COMMUNITY EVENT – A HUGE thank you to Ron and Marilyn Melhuish and Stedmans and Eric Pietsch at the Victoria Bed & Breakfast for being sponsors of this event and making it FREE for your community. Please make sure you take a moment and thank Eric Pietsch and Ron and Marilyn Melhuish!