‘Twas the Week Before Christmas at @G_CHS

GCHS Christmas Week Activities
GCHS will bring the holiday spirit to staff and students with a number of events. Listen carefully for announcement and check out this list:

Sales start Friday, December 12 for $1.00/each. Send a Candy-o-Gram to a friend or staff member. Deliveries will be made later in the week.

Friday, December 12: Selfie Contest!
Students can enter a selfie contest that runs between Friday, December 12 and Wednesday, December 17. To enter, you have two choices:
1. You can take your selfie, print it, and bring to Mia Audia-Gagnon or,
2. You can simply post your selfie on Instagram and use the hashtag #GCHSSelfie.
Prizes will be awarded in two categories. Category One will be individual selfie (i.e. Only you can be in the picture to win this category although you may have some of your favourite Christmas items or possibly the family pet). Category Two is a “Couple Selfie” where you and best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, etc can be in the picture. Please note that there can only be two people in the photo.

Tuesday, December 16: Jersey Day
Wear your favourite sports team jersey and show some school spirit!

Thursday, December 18: Christmas Hat / Christmas Socks Day
Be extra festive and sport your favourite Christmas hat and/or socks today!

Thursday, December 18: Christmas Dance at Chateau-Jeunesse
On Thursday, December 18 the Christmas dance will be held at Chateau-Jeunesse. Tickets are in sale in Room 23. We will be seeking nominations and holding elections for the King and Queen and Prince and Princess!

Friday, December 19: Christmas PJs Day
There aren’t many better ways to relax than in a comfortable pair of PJs. Have a holiday pair? Wear them today!

Friday, December 19: GCHS Annual Pancake Breakfast
There will be a pancake and sausage breakfast in the Cafeteria. More details will be provided through announcements.

Students and staff are asked to make a $1.00 donation each spirit day. Proceeds will be donated to Ms. Lana Letourneau and her trip to Costa Rica to work with the International charity group Samaritan’s Purse. Lana and her colleagues will be going to Costa Rica to help children by giving gifts, school supplies, and personal hygiene items. It is a very worthy cause and any and all support from GCHS will be much appreciated.

All Week
A food hamper will be set up in the main office with all donations going to the Greenstone Harvest Centre. If you’re able to help out this excellent cause it would be appreciated.

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