The Last Week of March at @G_CHS


The visit by Whale Cove, Nunavut students to GCHS has been nothing short of amazing. The hockey was great, but the connections made between students of the two communities was above and beyond anything we imagined. #HappinessInHockey taught us all a few things about friendship, sport, and culture. Several of our students will be in Toronto with the Whale Cove team this week participating in a variety of events. Stay tuned here for links to the continuation of this awesome story.

You can check out a gallery of awesome photographs from the week by clicking on the photograph below. Thanks to photographers like Lua Turcotte, Marla Michel and Lisa Taylor for allowing the use of their pictures!


GCHS would like to thank parents and students who came to Parents’ Night last week. Also, thanks to those who signed positive messages and statements on the Positive Words! board.


The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) will be written by eligible students on Thursday, March 27 in the morning. Students should check the list to see where they will be writing the test. There will be some room changes during Thursday morning. Listen for announcements.

Students and parents can access OSSLT resources by clicking here.

One last thing:


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