Wrapping Up Semester One

Today marks the start of the last full week of classes of the first semester. Many classes are completing summative assessments/culminating tasks over the next nine days. Students are reminded that attending every day is extremely important.

Exams begin on Friday, January 24. Here is the GCHS Exam Schedule:

FRIDAY              JAN 24       10:30 – 1:30        PERIOD 1 EXAM
MONDAY           JAN 27       10:30 – 1:30        PERIOD 2 EXAM
TUESDAY          JAN 28       10:30 – 1:30        PERIOD 3 EXAM
WEDNESDAY   JAN 29       10:30 – 1:30        PERIOD 4 EXAM
THURSDAY       JAN 30       10:30 – 1:30        Conflict/Cancelled Exams

All exams will be written in classrooms (unless otherwise posted).


Bus schedules for exam days will be posted throughout the school. When students arrive at school they can study, eat, return textbooks or see teachers for extra help prior to when the exams starts.

Buses will leave at 1:45 pm on exam day for select bus runs while others will leave at their regular times. See the Exam Posting in classrooms for further details on bussing!

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