Thunder Bay Trip

Last week, 41 GCHS students, accompanied by three chaperones, went on an overnight trip to Thunder Bay. The trip began at Magnus Theatre with a viewing of ‘MacHomer’, a one-man, two-act version of ‘Macbeth’ done entirely with Simpsons characters. Though sometimes difficult to follow, GCHS students should be commended for their behaviour during the play. The visit also included a workshop at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery where students created prints under the direction of Vivian Alexander. Following this, students capped off the trip with some competitive ten-pin bowling. Apparently GCHS has some potential bowling champions within the student body. Here are some pictures from the trip:

GCHS Printmaking

GCHS students create prints at Thunder Bay Art Gallery

Students napping on bus

Students enjoy nap-time on the bus to the city

GCHS printmaking display

Completed prints on display at GCHS

GCHS Students Bowling

Multiple lanes of GCHS championship bowling